Our Speciality Areas

We have a network of strategically located affiliates around the world, with an intricate knowledge and proven experience of far flung markets that help us in our endeavor to serve our clients' marketing and advertising interests.
We provide detailed plans to include, best advertising days, circulation etc and supply our Clients with an ongoing status of implementation. Electronic tear sheets are provided on the following day, if not on the same day of publishing. We buy media locally in all overseas markets and are able to secure the best available rates.

We provide a level of skill that results in stand-out advertising effectiveness, cost savings, and the fastest turnaround time in the business.
All in all we plan and execute campaigns with seamless efficiency.

Brand Advertising:

At The Media Company, we do what we do best- we plan and execute complete marketing communications campaigns and ensure your message optimally covers the target it is intended for.

The media scenario is rapidly evolving and becoming more and more complex. Audiences today are increasingly fragmented owing to multiple media channels, technological advances and pose daunting challenges to Marketers.

At The Media Company we are constantly looking ahead and evolving to engage our clients’ audiences in this ever changing media landscape. Our core media planning and buying skills utilize a flexible approach in order to strike a perfect balance of cost efficiencies and precise targeting. For us, success of our clients’ brands means being 100% accurate on their marketing and communications goals.

Our diversified and innovative communication capabilities, allow us to deliver integrated Brand campaigns that drive results.



With a firm understanding of the overwhelming staffing demands human resource professionals face every day, The Media Company offers a wide variety of services that are customized for each client to meet their specific needs.

We provide sound media solutions within given deadlines. Our turnaround time is among the quickest in the industry. For anywhere in the world.

Whether it is recruiting Nurses from the Philippines, IT professionals from India, Oil and Gas Personnel for OPEC countries, we pretty much have all global markets covered for all your recruitment positions, white collar, blue collar, no collar…We understand that recruitment advertising most often works to very tight publishing deadlines. We work with different time zones to secure timely publishing when it is absolutely positively wanted "yesterday".


Legal Notification:

We specialize in advertising legal notices and financial announcements, including bankruptcy, class action, seized properties for forfeiture, and mergers & acquisitions.
We have placed class action/legal notice ads for our clients in print, online and trade titles in the United States and in over 80 countries around the world.

Legal notices demand special attention. That's why we provide our clients an ongoing status of implementation, customize billing to meet your specifications and send all invoices with an affidavit & a proof of insertion in record time. We also provide translation services and copy adaptations across media types around the world.

Legal Notices campaign planning is an intricate process that must take into account geographical coverage and duplication, in addition to maximum target coverage and visibility. Overseas markets can be very tricky, yet if properly strategized, can deliver some amazing cost and coverage efficiencies.

Our Case Experience categories cover Asbestos, Antitrust, Bankruptcy, Copyright infringement, Holocaust Victims Reparations and Pharmaceuticals, to name a few.

College Enrolment:

The number of foreign students enrolled in U.S. colleges is at a record high, with an increase of 32 percent more international students in 2011 than a decade ago. Last year's increase of 5 percent is an all-time high and the largest one-year increase on record. The top three sending countries are China, India and South Korea. The University of California is the top host University.

Enrollments of foreign undergraduate and graduate students just starting to pursue their degree are rising even faster — 10.1% last year — suggesting growth will continue,
At The Media Company, we specialize in planning targeted media campaigns that aid Universities across the USA to help continue this growth trend.
MBA Courses, Under Graduate and Graduate Programs across Universities in America? We can help with advertising your enrolment programs around the world.


Online Planning and Buying:

Internet advertising is changing at an amazingly fast pace and the introduction of new and innovative interactive advertising options necessitate that we stay on top of  these changes and trends.

Online Planning requires a constant awareness  and a thorough understanding of ad placement,  ad distribution platforms, available targeting and tools to be able to perfectly match your message to your audience based on real data.

We help our Clients to optimize the power of the Internet as a marketing channel, whether it is through online advertising, social media, search, e-mail, mobile or other digital solutions.