Our Client Groups

As an International Media Planning and Buying Company dedicated to serving advertisers' interests in the USA and around the World, our Clients comprise:

• Manufacturers/ Marketers.
• National Advertising Agencies, who need Global media Capabilities.
• Global Media Agencies who need a partner on their low-volume; high-priority campaigns for cost-effective, single point-of-contact project coordination
We could wax lyrical about our passion for excellence, our commitment, our core values and all that jazz other companies love to talk , but we'd rather not. We let our work speak for itself. Suffice to say our work so far…works, just fine!

Our Clients

Some of our Clients include US Department of Justice, Mercedes Benz; Emirates Airlines; Samsung; Intel; Cartier; HSBC; National Commercial Bank; Cartier; Land Rover; Qatar Airways and Bosch among others.